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Video games (omg) [Dec. 10th, 2006|01:49 pm]
Yes, I'm making a post here. Actually it's just going to be a summation of my videogame experiences of the last few months or so. Where to start...

Yoshi's Island DS

The sequel to probably the greatest platforming game of all time definately does not surpass the original. It doesn't really drop far under either, but it had huge shoes to fill, so I don't blame it at all. You trade watermeleon seeds for 4 additional babies, 3 of which I have unlocked. The babies (Peach, DK, Wario, and Baby Bowser) each have different attacks and abilities which hinder and help Yoshi in various situations. Surprisingly Mario is the least versatile, only giving a dash, ability to hit blocks, and a couple scattered super star location gimicks. All in all, the baby addition is fun, but it seems a bit forced at times. My only other gripe is the music. It's the same song over and over, much like Super Mario World. It's not a bad thing, but it can get a little annoying. That and the game is actually fairly hard and frustrating, but some will like that. Needless to say, despite my gripes, it's a fantastic game. I only judge it so because the first one was so very awesome.

Nintendo Wii

On November 19th I woke up close to 4AM and camped out in front of the Wal-mart close to my Aun't house (I left res for the special occasion). There were 17 people there ahead of me, and it was probably one of the most uncomfortable 4 hours of my life. It was too cold to really play DS, and I spent my time listening to music from my Laptop which I hoped would generate heat, but it didin't really give me all that much. But, when the tickets were given out, I got number 16 (lolz desperation grab) and I was set. After more waiting, we were let into the store, and there was a mad rush. They started selling them, but, then some crazy lady yelled and made them sell them in order of ticket given out. This actually made a lot of sense, as people who were waiting a day could get it a good half hour before those who waited 3 hours; a true reward indeed.

So, I picked up only Zelda, my credit card (which I only got because of Wii) worked, and I was set. I went to my aunt's house, made a Mii, and played Zelda for about an hour. Then I packed up and went back to res, and, probably studied or did homework or something. You see, I couldn't actually play Wii here until a few days later. You see, I have an entry level small TV which doesn't have those happily coloured inputs. But, since then I have put around 20 hours into Zelda (I think about that, maybe a bit less) and am only on the 4th dungeon. I have had to use Gamefaqs a few times because I'm a pansey and don't want to miss any damn pieces of heart hidden in dungeons because navigating them is annoying as all get out. Well, with that, I suppose should talk about....

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

(MINOR Spoilers)

This is the game we have all been waiting for. Or, well, that's what they say. A realistic, more mature Zelda (Rated T omg!) for the masses to relish. Let me start with what I like. The music, art direction, art in general, gameplay, all pretty freekin fantastic. Fun fun weapons and minigames aside, there is variety, freedom, and fun all around. It takes the scale and difficulty and basic form of Ocarina of Time, and throws in a little bit of the creativity, gameplay uniqueness, and charm of Majora's Mask. (Which I prefered) Throw in a few aspects of the Wind Waker and even Four Swords Adventure, and really, you have a really great accumulative Zelda experience. The story is pretty amazing, and far deeper and "in your face" than previous Zelda games. This unfortunately leads me to probably the most scary thing you might hear a Zelda say in this day and age. I think I enjoyed Wind Waker better. (At least so far) While the story here IS better, it also seems less attached to Zelda. It really focuses on Midna (Which is actually a REALLY amazing character) And Zant, who is the new bad guy type of thing. Now, they do connect all this to the greater Zelda timeline, which is fantastic, but we get no connections to the past games like we did in Wind Waker. There are old races, but we don't have the Gorons dying out or anything. Most importantly regarding Wind Waker's achievements, this Link is less dynamic and real than the Link of the WW. TP Link has some awesome moments, but, he usually just has this goofy smile and a brave face at times. He's more emotional in wolf form, which is kinda sad I think. WW Link didn't want to be a hero, and grew into the role fantastically! This Link wants to save some people, and after that, just goes along with Midna and becomes a hero. The background characters are all full of life, but, I'm still a little dissapointed in Link.

But (spoilers) The game has Zoras, which make me happy, very happy. And they have deepened them up a lot. Apparently they are religious now, sorta backwards middle eastern, as in, the males all hide their faces with huge fish helmets. The designs and art in this game is just SO great. It's a shame there were not more overall story things; and that Link wasn't as expressive, or I would definately go out and say this is the best Zelda game ever crafted.

Also there is fishing, which is really freekin fun.

Wii Sports

I wish I didn't overlook this for so long. I played a little bowling, couldn't win a single game of tennis, so I pretty much ignored it. But with no solid two hours to put into the 4th dungeon, I have been playing it a lot. And I have to say, Wii Sports actually deserves the high 70s - high 80s it is getting in scores. There was a certain glee I got when my batting linup consisted of

Rock Lee
Alicia ~<3 (Pinkechidna)
David (Lord Cyber)

It was just, I don't know, there was just something freekin amazing about that. And the games are fun too! I can finally win at Tennis, I played a bit of Golf too, Bowling is awesome, and the fitness and training modes are surprisingly deep. I had a really good day and my fitness age ended up at 26, my previous was like, 50 or something.

The Future

For DS, I really am only planning on getting Kirby Squeak Squad, Jump Ultimate Stars (Import or Asian mall), and Pokemon Pearl (When it comes out)

Pokemon will probably consume my life completely. With online play, and, the fact that it's pokemon, oh man.... it's crazy. I might also look into Custom Robo.... the GCN version was a sleeper hit, and I really enjoyed it. There are also other scattered games that I might look into later on. We'll see.

For Wii, I am planning on asking for Elebits for Christmas. If you don't know about this game, I'll do my best to brief you. You're a kid who gets angsty because there's a power outage when his fav. TV show is on. Only in this world, electricity is made from little sprite things, and his parents are reasearchers of them, which has added angst. So, you go get your lazer gun, and kill collect elebits throughout the entire game for some reason. The concept art is awesome, don't ask questions >>;;;; It has really minor online modes (There is a level edit, and you can share the levels, although this won't be functional until 2007) and general multiplayer stuff. I might wait for the review before I fully ask for it, but it seems a good contender for my second Wii game. Third would probably be Wario, and fourth will have to wait and see. Paper Mario is set for 1st quarter, as is Battalion Wars, and HOPEFULLY Pokemon Battle Revolution. I hope Pokemon DS hurrys up..... gotta get training for 3D online battles *w*

Well, with that, I better hook up my Wii again, I took it to a friend's house on Friday. I have an exam on Thursday, so I gotta train! (>.>)