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Micro Inuyasha Movie 3 Review - Geoff [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Micro Inuyasha Movie 3 Review [Dec. 29th, 2006|11:05 pm]

I have seen movie 1 sometime in the past. And movie two had moths or something right? Well, it didn't have enough, I know that much.

Luckily, movie 3 was about twelve times more memorable than the other movies, and it seemed to actually fit into the plot. Spoilers follow. \

The movie starts out freeking BEAUTIFULLY with a scene from the past-past. Before the time of the main Inuyasha plot, I finnally got to see what Inuyasha's father looks like. Very nice design. They kept some humour in these scenes too for a couple seconds with Mioga; which helped in my opinion, especially in terms of plot connection. We also see slightly younger looking Sessy. Which was awesome.

After some dramatic foreshadowing, we are given the classic pokemon movie-esque recap of the entire series up to the point the movie is (which, to be honest I have no clue, I think it's before that bat girl thing though, but I could be wrong)

Then is about 20 minutes of present day stuff, which is nice as always. Then, even more dramatic stuff happens.

Unfortunately, the climax of the movie was back in the past scene, and nothing really happens during the rest of the movie which goes beyond the awesomness of Inuyasha's father. There's some nice character development, and some not so nice development, but since it's a movie it doesn't matter a whole lot. Jaken and Rin, my personal favourite characters got a lot of screen time for being such minor characters, and even got some development. The main plot... well, it was odd because, while the villians were dissolved, the actual situation that seems to be the theme of the movie is kind of..... thrown aside. XD

Basically, Inuyasha and his brother were supposed to work together to save the day; and Sessy was supposed to realize he has someone to protect.

While it's clear Sessy has feelings for Rin; he outright refuses to admit it, but of course still saves the day with bro. All well and good for hidden character stuff, but it made for a really anti-climactic and un-emotional end. It COULD have been saved a lot with some quality Rin moments after the event, but it was just... well, a little wishy washy in my opinion. Long story short, I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was decent  for a series film. The ending credits were done REALLY nice as well.

Although I have not played Kingdom Hearts, there were a few of what my friends would call "Sora Moments" Which made me VERY entertained. There were a couple obvious ones, but there was one I found so funny I had to do something about it. Hopefully it will illustrate the point. Take care all.


[User Picture]From: lovelysan
2006-12-30 12:43 pm (UTC)
Ha, ha, yeah, you gotta love how some show's love stating the obvious XD. Love the picture by the way, Kagome (or Sango) is cute in the corner there ^^.
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