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Haha, Meme. [Jul. 8th, 2006|08:38 pm]
The first 5 10 people to comment on this post get to request a sketch of a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

I took this from Resurie/Niji. If you want something.... post here. It will be a sketch though, black and white, "small drawing" quality, meaning it will be done on a small scale IRL. But, besides that it can be anything except yaoi/yuri/hentai/porn etc. Also not a car.
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Sitting on nothing. [Jun. 30th, 2006|10:24 pm]
[music |Be For U - BREAK DOWN!]

Seems like an accurate title. I drew this while waiting for what would become the greatest D&D session I have ever had. The guys there seemed pretty impressed with her. Of course I see her flaws, one of them is probably what gives this its title, but then again, I kinda like that about her. She's not actually emo, she doesn't look happy, but that's just the expression that she told me she wanted. It looks like she's thinking about something, or, that she wants you to go away. I'm not sure if her eyes are actually that big, but, it was how she wanted to look. I'm not sure what the markings on her body mean, but I am sure they mean something. You should ask her, assuming she won't unleash something upon you.

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Hello there. [Jun. 26th, 2006|09:25 pm]
Hello, my name is Geoff. My other account is Gawia_geo. I decided to make this account mainly to join communities , and post art, so as not to clog up communities and certain friends from my personal life. I know I have a deviantart account, but, this is something I feel I have to do. I appologise for any problems my previous account might have caused.

Thank you, I can't wait to get started. ^_^
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